This Hackathon aims to promote technological literacy, real local impact through technology, and contribute to efforts in solving world-wide issues through technology.

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At the Hackathon, over a 48-hour period, you'll have the opportunity to work on some sort of project which unites real-world issues and computing. Throughout the event, you'll have the opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded, curious, and passionate individuals. Experts from both academia and industry will also be present, either to help you with your projects or just to chat!    The Hackathon will take place remotely given the current situation of COVID-19, yet, we engineered a timetable which is sure to immerse groups of up to FIVE people in the full experience of a Hackathon anyways!

To learn more about the SocialTechSolutions and its initiatives, visit, or find us on Instagram!

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$CAD163,290 in prizes

Amazon Gift Card

- $50 Amazon gift card

Wolfram Award (19)

Wolfram Award for all teammates. The value of this access is $375.00 per user.

1Password Families Account (9)

1 year free 1Password Families account for all teammates. The value of this access is $72.00 per user.

Wolfram|One (99)

Access to Wolfram|One for all participants for thirty days.
The value of this access is $25.00 per user. HackerPlan (100)

3 free months of our hacker plan for all attendees. The value of this access is $15.00 per user.

EchoAR Premium package (100)

EchoAR Premium package ($19)

Balsamiq Cloud (100)

90-day extended trial for the Balsamiq Cloud.

Voiceflow Professional License (100)

Voiceflow Professional License for all participants. The value of this access is $49.00 per user.

Linode Promo Credits (100)

$20 free Linode promo credits

SashiDo Credits (100)

SashiDo credits. Each teammate gets $120 worth of credits

Devpost Achievements

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Anyone under the age of 22.

Form teams of up to FIVE people




Judging Criteria

  • TBD


  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Social Good
  • COVID-19